We help banks go digital faster, cheaper, and with
certainty – delivering astonishing ROI.

Our solutions:

  • Digital onboarding and biometric authentication
  • Retail and corporate digital banking platforms
  • Open banking and personal financial management
  • Lifestyle banking, powered by artificial intelligence

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Specialists in building omni-channel digital banks
Simplified digital transformation, our plug-and-play digital platform ensures speed to market
We’ll help you transform customer experience and engagement – resulting in more sales
Cost efficient, our platform will integrate seamlessly with your core systems and applications
Cost effective, our design, build, integrate, deploy and scale methodology delivers on time and on budget


Digital Onboarding

Mobile onboarding in less than 7 minutes

  • Uses digital KYC, forensics, video calling, MRZ reading, & biometrics to onboard customers without a branch visit
  • Dual factor authentication
  • Facial recognition and liveliness selfie check
  • Regulator approved
  • Delightful customer experience, enables borderless banking, reduces cost to acquire, compliance risk and cost to serve
  • First level integration pre-built with 8 critical components so implementation is < 3 months


Onboard corporate customers in minutes not days

  • Lightning fast digital onboarding using OCR for automatic documents reading
  • Complete corporate portfolio on mobile from Payments, Trade Finance application, Accounts, Deposits, Facilities, Advices, & Treasury portal to FX
  • Robust self service customer portal
  • Full 360 RM dashboard customized to roles
  • Complete regulatory, financial and operational reporting
  • Full compliance using eKYC & eAML. Additional security from dual authentication and audit trail


Financial well being tools that change the customer data game

  • A suite of tools to help customers lead fulfilling responsible lives
  • Spendmeter, Personal Finance Manager, Bill Split, Account Aggregation and Social Score
  • Generates the most important data in the world for bankers which is personal disposable income
  • AI generated data for smart credit scores, next best offer, real time nudges etc.
  • Improve products per customer, ROI on marketing and customer profitability


Run campaigns at the intersection of community and social media

  • Embed yourself into the digital lifestyle of your customers with this ”mini Facebook” for banks
  • Post KYC customer psychographics are most authentic on the planet for best data
  • Community is powered by social impact initiatives at the intersection of people, companies and causes
  • Run campaigns and start conversations that engage customers deeply for greatest top of mind branding

Listen & Engage

Personalized communication for a rare emotional connection

  • Uses hooks at banking touchpoints to gather customer aspirations & passions
  • Banks action data with personalized communication that creates real & lasting emotional connection
  • This transparency and emotional connection results in more engaged and up to 8x more profitable customers


Loyalty program that is high impact and transforms your brand

  • Unique rewards program that brings banks, customers and corporates together on one platform
  • Points earned are redeemed on career acceleration and livelihood creation
  • Rewards include internships, tuition discounts, job placements for yourself, family and friends
  • By mattering to the community and having a social impact agenda banks become top destination for Millennials, Generation Z and their households