Digital Onboarding

Mobile onboarding in less than 7 minutes

  • Uses digital KYC, forensics, video calling, MRZ reading, & biometrics to onboard customers without a branch visit
  • Dual factor authentication
  • Facial recognition and liveliness selfie check
  • Regulator approved
  • Delightful customer experience, enables borderless banking, reduces cost to acquire, compliance risk and cost to serve
  • First level integration pre-built with 8 critical components so implementation is < 3 months


Onboard corporate customers in minutes not days

  • Lightning fast digital onboarding using OCR for automatic documents reading
  • Complete corporate portfolio on mobile from Payments, Trade Finance application, Accounts, Deposits, Facilities, Advices, & Treasury portal to FX
  • Robust self service customer portal
  • Full 360 RM dashboard customized to roles
  • Complete regulatory, financial and operational reporting
  • Full compliance using eKYC & eAML. Additional security from dual authentication and audit trail


Financial well being tools that change the customer data game

  • A suite of tools to help customers lead fulfilling responsible lives
  • Spendmeter, Personal Finance Manager, Bill Split, Account Aggregation and Social Score
  • Generates the most important data in the world for bankers which is personal disposable income
  • AI generated data for smart credit scores, next best offer, real time nudges etc.
  • Improve products per customer, ROI on marketing and customer profitability


Run campaigns at the intersection of community and social media

  • Embed yourself into the digital lifestyle of your customers with this ”mini Facebook” for banks
  • Post KYC customer psychographics are most authentic on the planet for best data
  • Community is powered by social impact initiatives at the intersection of people, companies and causes
  • Run campaigns and start conversations that engage customers deeply for greatest top of mind branding

Listen & Engage

Personalized communication for a rare emotional connection

  • Uses hooks at banking touchpoints to gather customer aspirations & passions
  • Banks action data with personalized communication that creates real & lasting emotional connection
  • This transparency and emotional connection results in more engaged and up to 8x more profitable customers


Loyalty program that is high impact and transforms your brand

  • Unique rewards program that brings banks, customers and corporates together on one platform
  • Points earned are redeemed on career acceleration and livelihood creation
  • Rewards include internships, tuition discounts, job placements for yourself, family and friends
  • By mattering to the community and having a social impact agenda banks become top destination for Millennials, Generation Z and their households

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