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Aion Rubix

Intelligent AI based digital banking platform

Seamlessly connects financial institutions backend infrastructure to the mobile first lifestyle and comes pre-integrated with Retail and Corporate digital journeys, to deliver exceptional consumer and business experiences, that drives hyper growth.

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Exceptional Customer Experience

Proven integrated & intelligent service delivery across all digital channels to provide seamless and personalized experience.

Mobile First customer journeys designed and delivered by Aion Innovation Lab based on customer and market research
Intelligence built into the platform enabled by AI
Integrated data framework (eKYC, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, etc.)

– 50+ L1 pre-integrated mobile customer journeys

– Record growth in new-to-bank customers

– Disproportionate high growth in new deposits

– 2x uptake in cross sell

Speed to Market With Minimal Capex

Launching challenger banks and transforming traditional banks to digital, but without the significant cost (capex) or time to launch.

Pre-integrated, fully tested, mobile-first customer journeys
Pre-integrated pool of FinTech partners
Strong regulatory alignment on innovations
Primarily SaaS based pricing model (pay as you grow)

– Digital platform launched in record 12 weeks

– Low CAPEX to launch, lower OPEX post launch

– +30 ready integrations with third parties e.g. core banking, compliance, trade, credit & risk, identity X, payment hub etc. within GCC

Digital Native Technology Stack

Built on micro services & containerized architecture to maximize business flexibility & scalability.

Open Banking Architecture (API gateway)
Low to zero code development for greater business control
Cloud native while available On-Premises
Smart Middleware to minimize legacy disruption

– Borderless GCC Onboarding, providing access to a unified virtual market of 34m GCC nationals

– Works with existing legacy infrastructure of banks

Open Banking

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